Winter Holidays ( Part-1)


Exams are over,students are packing their bags and rushing towards Waknaghat ( is a small town in Solan district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh which falls on the way to Shimla, India from Kalka, India. It is located on National Highway 22. Waknaghat is around 22 km from Shimla and 25 km from Solan )  to board the first bus to Chandigarh as most of the students first go to chandigarh and then board for their respective buses and trains to their homes.There was a alot of crowd at waknaghat and Zaroon was trying to go ahead of everyone to board the first bus, after waiting for 20 mins a PRTC came, everyone was rushing to go ahead of each other to get on the bus, Zaroon was holdings his luggage and a laptop bag , as the bus stops at the stop Zaroon rush towards the door and saying to conductor “bhaiya bag pakadna” as the conductor holds his bag he get on the bus, there were no seats at front but there was a seat at last but Zaroon has to cross luggages to get that seat, he jumps over the luggages trying not to put his feet on anyone else luggage,he kept on jumping and saying “excuseme ,m sorry please thoda hatna” and at last he get on the seat next to a aged uncle,when he sat on the seat he passes a smile to the uncle next to him, but Zaroon got a blank response.He adjusted his laptop bag to make himself comfortable, and the joureny begins to Chandigarh,Zaroon hates the road to Chandigarh as there are so many turns in hilly areas, so he tries to took out his earphones from his left pocket, and his hand touched the uncle and again he gave that blank response, wasting no time Zaroon took out his earphone and starts listening songs at full volume and he closed his eyes so that the roads dont distract his mind, after sometime conductor came “bhaiya” again “bhaiya”  and then he pushed Zaroon “bhaiya” and Zaroon took out his earphones and said “hanji” conductor : “kahan jana hai” Zaroon take out his wallet by saying ” bhaiya 1 Chandigarh”.


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