Winter Holidays(Part-2)

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Conductor took out his ticket machine and gave 1 ticket to Zaroon.He again wear his earphones.A lady sitting one seat ahead of him was carrying a baby of aprox 3 years old, he started crying and that lady was continously trying to stop him but he wasn’t,his crying was noisy which made Zaroon to took out his earphones, baby was continously crying, the lady took out some toys to make him stop crying but nothing helped, Zaroon started making some funny faces which makes baby to stop crying,the lady turned her head and saw Zaroon making funny faces, Zaroon saw her and started looking outside window. The lady smiles and said “thank you beta,ye chup hi ni ho rha tha” Zaroon “koi baat ni aunty”. At that time bus had just crossed Solan and they were aprox 1 and half hour behind Chandigarh. Zaroon again started listening songs,after sometime bus stopped at some dhaba, he took out his earphones and heard conductor sayin “bus 20 min ke liye rukegi,jisne chai pani krna hai kar lo”,the uncle next to Zaroon “pair(foot) hatao” Zaroon gave him a way to walk and thinking “kitna khadus hai budha” Zaroon was there in the bus only whole time listening songs, after 20 mins bus starts and conductor said “ sab chad gye na bus mei koi reh th nai gya”  Zaroon was busy in listening songs and he didn’t heard what he said.After sometime he realised the uncle who was sitting next to him didn’t board the bus after dhaba,immediately  Zaroon to conductor”bhaiya mere sath vale uncle nai chade dhabe se”, conductor “jab pehale puchcha tab kahan soye hue the aab kuch ni ho skta beth jayo”. Zaroon started thinking about that uncle and a thought came to his mind “khadus hi tha budha vaise bhi”. He kept his earphones in his pocket and closed his eyes,he wasn’t able to sleep,but then also he kept his eyes closed so that he can’t see the roads.At that time he kept thinking about how much his life is changed, there was a time when he never travelled without his parents and now he has to travel all alone, how he was afriad of mountains when he was a kid and how life made him to live in mountains only,Zaroon miss old time,he miss his home,he miss his family but still can’t say anything to his parents that he miss all this, as he thinks his parents would think he is  not happy there, so he try to look emotionally strong infront of everyone.He heard “Chandigarh aa gya sab saman(luggage) utar lo apna”.


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