Winter Holidays (Part-3)

“Jaldi sab saman utar lo” Zaroon waked up from his thoughts of how life had changed, he hold his laptop bag and luggage and get off the bus,it was cold there, all the rikshaw wale rushed towards him tumblr_ml35gokbfr1ram1zto1_500bhaiya kahan jayoge” “iss side aayo bhaiya saman hum pakad lete hai “agr koi hotel chaiye th hum dila dete hai” Zaroon”nai nai muje yahin pass mei hi jana hai” he took his luggage and left that place as soon as possibe, he was hungry but he don’t want to eat anything on bus stand as everything available there was looking unhygenic.After walking some distance he found a well decorated and arranged restaurant,Zaroon thought of having something to eat from there.He walked into the restaurant and put his luggage and laptop bag on side of his table, he asked a waiter “bhaiya chineese mei kya milega” waiter “chinnese mei kuch nai hoga abhi bs roti sabzi mil jayegi” he thought if he won’t eat something here ,he won’t get anything until he reach home, so he ordered roti and sabzi and had that and left the restaurant, it was 9.30 pm now, and temperature was falling so he thought of wearing some jacket. He opened his luggage and took out a jacket and wore it.His bus was across the road , after 5 mins he came to the place where his bus was.He told the conductor to put his luggage at back of the bus,after settling his luggage he get on the bus.His sleeper was the last one,he actually hate the last sleeper but this time only that one was available and he don’t want to waste a single second to go back home, so he booked that last sleeper.He get on his sleeper and was looking outside and he heard “10 min mei bus chalegi”


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