“….I wonder if we had stayed for longer.”

​What if we never met?

What if we never knew about each other’s existence?

Would it be easier, then?

What if, when we met, we took our time?

What if we never rushed into things, just to open doors that still don’t close all the way?

What if we never talked about our favorite shows or listened to each other’s favorite songs, late at night?

What if you never spilled out your secrets to me, and I never kept them?

What if we chose to stay quiet even when we felt an ocean of words rising inside of us?

What if our words didn’t turn into feelings that turned into hidden metaphors in our poems and backspaced texts that I’m looking at right now?

What if you never laughed that stupid laugh of yours, and I never imagined you throwing your head back when you did?

What if when we fell in love, or when we thought we did, we were just a little more brave?

What if we didn’t make such a mess of everything?

Would it be easier, then?

What if when​ we fell in love,

we stayed?


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