You ask me if I miss you?

You ask me if I miss you?

Miss is a small word to realize what am I finally feel for you. 

And I am scared, I am scared of being on my own.

Your love makes me vulnerable and I hate that because, despite everything, you are growing as the center of my universe.

You ask me what is that one thing I like about you? How should I tell you that there isn’t anything I don’t like about you, except when you snore.

Your running around me, your gaze penetrating my soul, the kind of attention I always craved for, the way take care of me,

You are deep sleeping in this little room of mine, without complaining how hot here it feels.

Always ready to eat my burnt pancake, ready to take me for ginger tea at 1 AM, ready to finally accept me as the person I am, ready to accept my madness about books, my passions and my life without an ounce of selfishness without a complaint.

You know how I don’t like sunshine coming right on my face, so you roll me over your side and let me bury my face in the hollow of your arm, and even though it’s going to be sound ridiculous but at that moment I feel like I am finally ready to die. 

But I won’t tell you all these things.

I will laugh,

I will giggle on every promise you make, 

I will make fun of the serious conversation you make, 

I will reply you sarcastically when you try to be romantic, 

You think I am the light, 

but how can I tell you that I am what they called opposite of light, 

I am a lonely, boring person, 

You think I know everything, but you will never understand that I learned those things from you.

You think I am saving you, but the truth is you saved me the day you met me. 

But then I can’t be a sand art in front you, 

I can’t be fragile, I don’t want to be. 

I am scared of breaking. 

So I will be the unbreakable here. 

I will always be the strong one, promise. 

But for that, you gotta love me less.


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