Introduction Of a Fairy Tale

Your memories still haunt me every night, Its been a month when you left but still feels like it happened tomorrow. They say you will be fine after sometime but I know what we shared was not something to be forgotten till death.I still text you everyday inspite of promising you I wont text you ever, but I still text you daily in a hope of getting a reply of getting you back.3 and half years of us were something which not even my words can explain.I loved you more than anyone had loved someone and will love you forever and ever till my last breath.

When we started I wasn’t known of anything as you were my first(and ofcourse last also), I was scared of everything but the thing I was sure of that I don’t want any time pass kind of relationship, I want to be loyal.Our story started and in within one month of us I started loving you instead of liking you,i came to know about the love which everyone used to talk about.Daily chats,rare meetings were helping our story to be more beautiful.One day I finally realized you are the only one for me, I was falling for you every second which is continued till today and forever also.We were falling for each other day by day, time passed issues, problems started taking place we fought together and came ou as more strong couple.Small meetings used to be beautiful,waiting for you and when you used to came late ,a little bit anger only to listen sorry in a damn cute way were adding beautiful life remembering moments in our story.


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