I am a prisoner of my own mind

I don’t remember the last time I was happy. I mean happiness in its purest form – like the magical laughter of a child, or the twinkle in someone’s eyes as they walk down the street with their lover - their person. Someone they can proudly call “mine” - I miss that feeling. Certain things … Continue reading I am a prisoner of my own mind


​It’s just another 4 A.M

It's just another 4 A.M. The coffee is stale. My mind conjures up his face, his hypnotic voice haunts my ears. I snuffle my face in his shirt. That one shirt he left behind. The scent consumes me. Every last fiber of my being throbs for just one kiss, one embrace. Is that too much … Continue reading ​It’s just another 4 A.M

I keep waking up to mornings which are barely cold.

​The coffee in the mug having dried down to a trickle, sticky, and I find myself slowly crouching out of the bed, cringing at the way our skins refuse to leave each other and I drag myself to the kitchen to make some coffee. Sometimes, when it aches to get out of bed and yet, … Continue reading I keep waking up to mornings which are barely cold.

“….I wonder if we had stayed for longer.”

​What if we never met? What if we never knew about each other’s existence? Would it be easier, then? What if, when we met, we took our time? What if we never rushed into things, just to open doors that still don’t close all the way? What if we never talked about our favorite shows … Continue reading “….I wonder if we had stayed for longer.”

History Repeats Itself

The time which is gone never came back, with each second each minute each hour life moves forward but the happenings in the past can do repeat itself.We can relate happenings with the memories or the moments whether they are good or bad it depends but a time came when it repeats whether we want … Continue reading History Repeats Itself