Or are you now just friends, but in memories?

How did you fall in love? Was it loud enough for him to hear your emotions? A prom with him between the sandstorms whilst the two of you caught the harmony off your sufferings. Everyone dissolved into dust, scattered in the air, and it was his face, just his face that you could fathom in … Continue reading Or are you now just friends, but in memories?



Snow Fall. You wake up on a winter morning and pull up the shade, and what lay there the evening before is no longer there--the sodden gray yard, the dog droppings, the tire tracks in the frozen mud, the broken lawn chair you forgot to take in last fall. All this has disappeared overnight, and … Continue reading Incredible!

Winter Holidays (Part-3)

"Jaldi sab saman utar lo" Zaroon waked up from his thoughts of how life had changed, he hold his laptop bag and luggage and get off the bus,it was cold there, all the rikshaw wale rushed towards him "bhaiya kahan jayoge" "iss side aayo bhaiya saman hum pakad lete hai "agr koi hotel chaiye th hum dila … Continue reading Winter Holidays (Part-3)

Winter Holidays(Part-2)

Conductor took out his ticket machine and gave 1 ticket to Zaroon.He again wear his earphones.A lady sitting one seat ahead of him was carrying a baby of aprox 3 years old, he started crying and that lady was continously trying to stop him but he wasn't,his crying was noisy which made Zaroon to took … Continue reading Winter Holidays(Part-2)

Winter Holidays ( Part-1)

Exams are over,students are packing their bags and rushing towards Waknaghat ( is a small town in Solan district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh which falls on the way to Shimla, India from Kalka, India. It is located on National Highway 22. Waknaghat is around 22 km from Shimla and 25 km from … Continue reading Winter Holidays ( Part-1)